the next round of work at Menary is going to be costly.

Once mag survey is complete the results should provide new drill targets.

Considering that those of us that follow this story closely are aware that the Menary property may

be considerably more than a few choice gold occurences. It may be a large near surface mineralized system.

There is lots of work that will be needed to be done to move this project to the next level and that means we likely will need a partner.

Can management find us a partner? I think they can and I think they will likely sometime next year.

Lots of possibilities here in the future but we will need to continue being patient.

To some the last few years have been difficult. To others it has been very encouraging from the perspective that Menary is proving out to be one of the most encouraging properties held by KBG.

all in my opinion of course.

deep due diligence in my view describes a company with possibilities.