the only people that think there is no plan in place... I do not expect the share price to move forward until management provides a detailled plan... Likely early 2013

So you are one of those people 3P who think there is no plan in place yet. You are waiting for Kyle (also known as the "management") to provide a plan sometime in early 2013, right?

A shame Kyle didn't have a plan prior to closure on Headway - he may not have known which way it would go but he did know this was due to happen. I thought Kyle was a plan A, B and C type of guy - and the result should be plan A. So where is plan A? Or is plan A to sit and wait until the 4 months is up - March 23, 2013?


You've waited 6 months and lost 50% of your investment already, what's another 4 months and another 50%?