KBG is on sound footing..there are those of us that believe in this company, this management team and these properties..I am so sorry that you are so sad that your paid negitive nay saying did not deter us from succeeding in completing the Headway Deal..We have shares in the bank and we have confidence in the plan managemnt is executing..I and a number of other shareholders continue to buy up theser shares..There is no plan for a roll back and we will have a JV agreement announced soon and if the corp need money there are those of us ready and willing to help out if the needed.  Please find another place to play and post we are not interested in non shareholders negative coments..you have not succeeded in doung anything but wasting your time here..Good luck in your future endevors ..I hear Walmart is recruiting for Xmass Garbage pick up.. so jump into the cart and have fun..We all feel very sad for you .. you need some help and we would be happy to get you some..Good Bye and Good Luck!!!