On the surface that may seem like the obvious route to go but I really don't think that management has this action in sight.

Chances are however that the share price will stay at these levels until early January and then depending on what transpires at Menary and Dark water we should begin to move up at least a little.


I am trying to free up some funds so that I can take one more kick at the cat before spring with the hopes of good results on spring exploration of Menary.


Some do not believe we can do any exploration as the coffers at empty but I think management is determined to move forward and they will find a way.

It seems that we have two opposite sides here, The believers (a.k.a pumpers) and the non-believers (a.k.a naysayers)

I hope the naysayers can hold things in check for  few more weeks. Until I can add to my position one more time.

Do your best will you boys.