For the record.

Today was in fact the first step forward in creating the going concern envisonned for KBG.

Asset one now in the bank so to speak.(Mega shares)

Asset two (Menary) plans are in place as per MD&A and we should have a significant JV deal done there by the end of the second quarter.Once Mag fly-over completed we will know where the additional targets are on the property. We should also know for sure by then if Wagg and Gailbraith are in fact contiguous and one large mineralized system.

We have already identified a number of targets and should have many more within the next 2 to 3 months.

Asset three Cameron Lake..I expect clarification on that when Coventry completes mine plan.


Next we need a strentgening of the BOD similar to what Mainstream has just undergone.

Share price should improve as these things take shape.


Patient one's here may be rewarded yet