There is more here than what there appears to be.

Some refuse to believe the potential developments that could occur at Menary in the near term.

What lies just under the surface at Menary? What work must be accomplished at Menary in order to attract exploration monies?

Do we truly know all we need to know about Headway, the JV agreement for Headway and the possible outcome of this JV? The answer to all of these questions is NO.

The Fact of the matter is we need to open our minds to the possibilities here.

For a number of years here know I have been seeing things what others refuse to believe are even remotely possible. Does this make me wrong and them right? No

It simply means that one can choose to see or one can assume there is nothing to see.

What I am convinced of is ..KBG is moving forward and there is evidence of that if one looks for it.

Do I know the exact time that others will begin to see evidence of this? no I do not.

Do I have reason to believe that others see what I see? Yes

I speak to many shareholders on a regular basis and many see what I see.

Are we all halucinating?


Maybe there is a Santa Claus as well.