Truly an amazing situation.

As I wake up today I am realizing that these next few weeks could be the most critical weeks in the history of this beat up company.

On one side of the story we have those that wish us to believe that this company is down for the count, broke and has no hope but to go down as a another TSX venture listed company that fades into the sunset.

On the other side we have the reality that faces Mega management this week.

Likely before the week is done Mega will have to advise us of their decision.

If they return the Headway to KBG and they keep their 4 million shares all they can do is lick their wounds from the Headway drilling effort.

If they pay up and issue the 4 miilion shares they had better be prepared to give their shareholders reason for doing so, and they had better announce a plan to resume drilling at the Headway or Mega management may be in for a rough ride at the next shareholder meeting.imho

Either scenario works for me. Returning the Headway to KBG or issuing the shares, either one is a win win for KBG in my opinion.

There is much speculation that KBG will soon announce a plan moving forward.

They must comment on what decision Mega makes and they must advise us of what they intend to do with the shares or the property, whichever occurs.

It is also speculated that clarification of KBG's management going forward is coming soon. Kyle has been Interim President long enough. He is either given the job officially or the management team must be tweaked so that the market understands where we go from here and under who's guidance.

If some do not understand the significance of the next few weeks then they should not be here following this company.

I will be watching the wires and volume this week for signs of developments.