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King's Bay Gold Corporation V.KBG

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Gold

An active mineral resource Company which is engaged in the acquisition of interests and the exploration of mineral resource properties in North West Ontario. Its mandate is to acquire, evaluate and bring gold and other precious metal properties.
Price: $0.02 | Change: $0.00 | % Change: 0.00%
Volume: 1,000 | Day High/Low: 0.02/0.02 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.03/0.005

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not for the fearfull

"money can be made by being brave when other people are afraid" This company is not an investment for the weak at heart. It is an investment that could make huge returns if management can find a way...read more
5 stars

wow!!! is the gold standard coming back soon???

The currency war will be won by the first one able to back their currency with a gold standard. (likely China) Nixon took the USA off of the gold standard in 1971. Since then we have created more...read more
1 star

we may very well be on the doorstep

of a dramatic change of market dynamics. Investors might need to review their allocations for the metals as well as energy-related equities because prices are likely to move much higher. I am an old...read more
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What I like about this company.

Although I own a number of the big mining plays through a precious metal fund I hold, I only hold shares in a few small exploration plays like KBG. I have followed many junior exploration stocks over...read more
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RE:not many believers for this story teller

Scanner the story here is told in the data available on the properties. To me they are the paramount factor. The properties are what we are and what we have the potential to become. imho  rate and reply
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we are watching history being written in 2014

2014 is proving out  to be a very interesting year from many perspectives. Geopolitics is becoming a subject that many are now taking more seriously. Market manipulation evidence seems to be poping...read more
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not many believers for this story teller

penny and half on the bid is reality....some people live in the super nova mixed with the past ......some people are great story tellers and kbg mgt are not.....maybe they do not have a great story to...read more
5 stars

Why was this a smart move by management??

For those of us that follow this story closely we realized that this JV with Chalice on this property could soon have been a financial liability. In addition I think it fair to state that KBG has...read more
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RE:news out tonight

2014-04-10 16:14 ET - News Release   Also News Release (C-CXN) Chalice Gold Mines Ltd   Mr. Ray Prefontaine of King's Bay reports   KING'S BAY GOLD CORPORATION ANNOUNCES THE SALE TO...read more
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news out tonight

That seems like a reasonable return on investment. That cash will be very helpful. imho  rate and reply
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This might work out well yet??

There are many factors that will contribute to a much higher value for physical gold in the not very distant future.imho As companies struggle with the economics of producing gold at an all in cost...read more
3.5 stars

RE:RE:By the Way

The reads recently seem to be in the 140 range. If my memory serves me correctly just a few months ago we rarely ever hit 70 I may be wrong but that is what my memory tells me. This thread has...read more
3 stars

RE:By the Way

threepalms wrote: I forgot to mention that it does appear that the numbers following KBG on Stockhouse has dramatically increased recently. That may be a sign of new interest. Oh come on 3P, the...read more
3.5 stars

By the Way

I forgot to mention that it does appear that the numbers following KBG on Stockhouse has dramatically increased recently. That may be a sign of new interest.  rate and reply
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As good as it gets....

Good morning everyone. Have been limiting my posts here recently because frankly I thought I had said it all.lol Over the weekend I have been reveiwing two geo reports I have on the Goldhill...read more
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depth this am

BID Orders Volume Price Range 33 3,851,000 0.00500-0.02000 ASK Price Range Volume Orders ...read more
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depth to .05 looking better

Last night when I checked we had 1 million shares up to .045 It would not take much in my view to get us trading in the .05 range if the pending JV deal on Menary is well structured. I am pretty...read more
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why gold continues to be manipulated

The following link to a recent article from Dr.Paul Graig Roberts explains why gold continues to be hammered downward every time it attempts a rise back above $1400.00 When I read this article it...read more
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RE:Good thing

IBut in the end the fact remains that likely the safest thing to own in an environment like the one we find ourselves in today is physical gold and silver.  Likewise owning gold and silver company...read more
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Good thing

we did not have the central planners running KBG during these last 2 years. What a mess our financial system is in today.  When the general public begins to clue into the situation and when the...read more