So easy to spot sore losers like you, get over it and do some worth in your life before tooooo late.  I think your brain need some help LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!  your welcome in advance LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!......$$

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2/14/2013 9:48:19 AM  |  | 77 reads  | Post #32177291

I will repeat again:  I am the only person on this board who actually made money on Kaminak.  HAHAHAHAHA.


RE: RE: RE: Hey Pokerloser you is a Liar
2/15/2013 1:26:49 PM  |  | 58 reads  | Post #32186965

yes, I paid $5 and sold at $1.  I bought ALL my juniors in late 2008 and quit the sector last year after leaving huge money on the table.  yet you idiots still are holding on.  now that is something to laugh about.