The fear driven speculators are out for ever The long term investor market is never driven by speculation .. It is driven by fundamentals that make practical sense and decisions and investment are made on the basis of long term stability and reality.

Having seen Barrick and Kinross and other majors lose tens of billions in Zambia, Mauriatania etc. recently I firmly believe that the Yukon exploration companies like Atac Resources and Kaminak Resources will be the most sought after soon .

The much negativity expressed about the infrastructure aspect in Yukon is unwarranted. The costs are a miniscule compared to the total loss of about 50 billion incurred abroad by mining companies in their over zealous investment.

Who can say that Canada which is politically stable and economically strong is not a friendly territory for the intelligent investor? Who will walk away from a huge gold resource in a world where currency wars are showing their ugly head?