On Rob Carpenter, all we can do is speculate why he is gone. We do not know if he is going to jail for child molesting, has an ill family member or a more interesting job somewhere else. Or maybe the BOD wanted him out. I have no idea ( except I am pretty sure he is not going to jail for any reason) and it can be difficult to tell if he left on good or bad terms. Kaminak is in the same boat as a lot of explorers. They are feeling severely undervalued and are finding it difficult to raise money on favourable terms.

The good news is we do have enough cash to continue a reasonable amount of exploring in 2013. I predict that turnaround times for assay results will suffer few if any backlogs this season due to another dramatic decrease in Yukon drilling. Kaminak shareholders will at least have something to look forward to in 2013. The other good news is that the typical acquiring company waits until the market is uptrending again before making takeover bids. That would give Kaminak a chance to get back up to at least the $2 range before anyone tries to make a bid for them. Right now there are lots of undervalued gold miners. If someone were to give me a hefty premium for my Kaminak shares I would say thank you and put the money in another undervalued company.