I do not have the exact distances but Kaminak does not seem to be that far away from Dawson City and they look awfully close to the Kinross deposit. Kinross might want to buy Kaminak out or some other company might want to buy both properties. If there are going to be a number of economic deposits in the White Gold area the Yukon Government might be willing to build a road in there. I am not sure if Kaminak has any intention of building a mine but most juniors have to proceed with as many steps as they can to bring a deposit as close to production as possible. It helps de-risk it.

As far as how long it will take to get the first ounce, they are still a long way off no matter which way they proceed. All mines take a long time to bring into production, some ridiculously longer than others. Kaminak right now is being priced at about $35 per oz in the ground. If the price of gold drops to $1500 you might get your $1 per share. I bought more when it hit $1 but that was before the resource estimate. However, if gold goes above $1900 per oz good luck on your $1 shares.

By the way, has anyone else noticed that since they announced QE4 oil seems to be going up quite steadily? Either oil is due for a nasty correction or gold is due for a bounce.