bob4977 Why on earth are you putting bids in thru a broker? Too expensive commisions, limits on bids etc. Come on stop being dumb loyal! Your broker has no wiser stock choices than you or I . And you sure don,t need his input or high company prices to add kaminak which you already own!  You know this.   Actually after this maiden resource total was announced I dont see kam sub a 1.00 again unless gold prices flop, which isnt likely anytime soon.   Asfor the yukon been passe? Well that may have been true for most of last yr but it seems to be waking up just in time for the anticipation of a myriad of nr,s from various com panies regarding there upcomming plans for 2013. Added 1200 more kam shares about 30 minutes ago. Didnt try and bid a few pennies lower, took the ask. We are going higher soon.