Wow. Chux is a God. At least now we all know how to do it.

On 11-21 I posted KAM's short position as of 11-15: 500,000 short, 9th largest on the venture and the 4th largest increase over a two week period. Only when that trend is reversed (first it has to level out) will all the public handwringing go away.

People buy a particular pm explorer, KAM or any other, because they've concluded that it will perform in a manner above and beyond its peer group. When that ceases to happen, it's seems that it's the hardest thing in the world for the buyer to admit that the reason the stock is not performing is because 80% of its movement is dictated by the sector, since that runs counter to his initial judgment.

There is nothing wrong with the company, at least that I'm aware of. There is plenty wrong with the investing environment for the sector. I say focus on why you should be in - or out - of this sector. Pokerloser is a little over the top, but he made a good decision, provided he truly is investing short term.