The NYSE put JAG on notice approx. two months ago which leaves them with at least 3 months for the price to get over $1.  In the past couple of weeks the price has moved about 50% from the 60s to the 90s.  JAG is a producer and with prudent management now in place we will see $1+ very soon.  The assets in the ground are presently only being valued at about $15 an ounce, which is completely ridiculous even for a jr developement company with zero production.  I am loaded up and prepared to wait for another takeoveroffer.  IMO this is the absolute best take out target out there today which could be bought for pennies on NAV.  Don't worry about the NYSE delisting.  The company has a low share count, good management in place and no place to go but up!  Generally speaking when good companies are pummelled like Jag has been in 2012, the next year could be stellar as they regroup and start increasing the margins by way of cost cutting and the POG increasing.  Time will tell.  GLTA