How many times have you heard similar quotes:

"With a new permanent management team now in place we will continue to focus on and implement continuous improvement at the operations throughout 2013. We are encouraged by our many opportunities in this new year as we build and strengthen for the future,"

Petroff (or anyone else) concluded.

A tale of two diversities in a tough market….

Although I am new to this board… there are some things that need clarification and in this district of so called “global mining” it’s hard to get the fact that in “developing” countries have problems with mining in a clean and safe manner. If you are successful there will be plenty of armed guards to help you out while taking their share.

A panacea is a remedy for disease or ills… much of what is needed here. Paciência needs no clarification.

As a comparison… albeit a tough market.

Drop in JAG around 92% on a yearly basis.

Drop in MTO around 62% on a yearly basis.

Tax advantage MTO.  Local governments anywhere else can take profit anytime they want... depends on the feelings of the “locals” at the time and the artillery available.

So why doesn’t everyone here go to MTO? Well there are several reasons… none of which are sane really. Better deposit… debatable.

Invest in this shambles of an outfit and you will be out… this management definitely doesn’t understand the common investor so why invest?

"Esto es más de un "juego" que cualquier otra compañía canadiense verdadero - no importa el valor del activo."

This is more of a “gamble” than any true Canadian company – no matter the worth of the asset.