The annual financial results will be old news once released. The first quarter will already be over 2/3's complete and those results should be released about one month subsequently based upon the previous year. There could be buzz already about continuing strong sales into the first quarter, and with the new contracts, and growth trends an expectation of more. One more year like that last with approximately 40-50% revenue growth and this could has a long way to go. The company should now be in a position for its next acquisition too given the cash on hand and the debt capacity. They have successfully integrated the last acquisition now. The annual report could talk about the momentum into next year. 


Interestingly, last quarter there was an operating revenue breakout on record sales and with new product launches  If the results through the first quarter follow in-line with the recent trends, sales for the first quarter could be about $400,000 higher than quarter three, and operating income could be about $700,000. Add another strong year of revenue gains, and an acquisition and this comapny could earn over $.06, per share, in 2013. Importantly, ihis company is now making significant dollars for investment in growth. Add a growth multiple to their earnings next year and this stock could really rock. It was so undervalued.


                                      Revenue                Operating Income

June 30, 2011                   $1,104                          $119

Sept. 30, 2011                  $1,175                           $225

Dec. 31, 2011                   $1,269                           $112

Mar. 31, 2012                   $1,463                            $111

June 30, 2012                  $1,622                           $333