"iSIGN is preparing to migrate the billions of bits of data to the cloud to reduce server costs as data flow will increase 10-fold shortly, as networks in Orlando and Las Vegas are installed and activated. As both of these cities host over 60 million visitors a year, the expectation for gathered information are huge. Additional support to research, parcel and sell data will come from current and soon to be announced data research assets and partners"
maybe it is a little bit early but I think we can expect news regarding this i the coming weeks. Considering we have approx 2400 unis up and running now it is exciting to hear that isign expects a 10 fold data increase shortly  when Orlando and Las Vegas is up. Makes me wonder how many antennas are being installed here and what to expect from Las Vegas. We know Las Vegas was given 30 day trial to start and it could go to 90 days max, around 40 days have past since announcement so mabe 30 day trial is done.... BIG Data is relatively new so tough making any estimations on revenue here but in my world this could be as big as the monthly recurring revenue stream. There is much on the go here and we know just bare minimum, since PP is all US I would make sense to close this first, announce a IR firm and then bring on the good stuff that has been in the works for long. The Venture has not rewarded isign for its progress so jus fair we are transitioning to US control, I think we, the shareholders will be very well off here.
Gl to all