20-22 cents trading....and alex gets them in @30 cents can only mean big profits ahead and like i have said in the past

low overhead upcoming high margin....

isign is the leader of the pack in many more ways than one.....if this was a usa tech story it woul be at 3$ already

Canada should delist all tech stocks....and they should stick to their high cost mining busines....commddities its a game over..the bull run is toasta  for awhile until th enext shortage comes about

copper galor silver and gold galore stockpiled by bankers when they all start to unload they will be making puts or calls and profit all the w down on those highdebted highrisk area mining stocks ..with major cost inflation..and bvery littleprofits to be had

mobil boom only 4 years in the game of a lifetime

isign can and will be a 10 bagger from 20 cents easily.....see you old and youngiess at 2$ in 2013