ISD is at a crossroads. Period.

There is the huge market and the possibilities for ISD with its technology. Investors like these kind of visions since they create fantasy. know that funny talk we see here at the board…lol…the sky seems to be the limit…yet what did Rod (from IR wrote me: “Yes we are surprised about the stock price”. I am not surprised…I am shocked (even more for my amusement- lol)…after all the good work Alex and all the others in the organizations have done in the past…So what is the reason?

  1. too many loose end stories which have not been explained why they disappeared…
  2. a lawsuit- in the background- which was never explained to the investors
  3. how did ISD foster an investment community in the past? Fact is there are not enough long term investors here… ; moreover, there are more modern communication strategies with your shareholder…to get them closer to the company… and to avoid redundant e-mails or telephone talks…but that is another story-lol.
  4. fact is… that the stock is being played by professional forces…and there is no sign for letting go…King had an excellent posting about the situation of ISD!
  5. Cross-over holding: like it has been announce today …give shares away which should have bought on the market…
  6. These cross-over holdings bode not well since they may indicate a weaker than hoped position in negotiations….or the product is not flying alone, yet. In short- the world leader is not known by the world... lol
  7. The future is tomorrow…so lets hope for more and better news…but it is clear that ISD has not generated interests in many other discussion boards in this world…please do your research… big T is posting like there is no tomorrow…hope he is wrong -lol
  8. a potential 30% stakeholder! DO you want to get McDonalds shares in a buyout? Lol, or do even just get a New York-styled-kiss-of-death-investment-company on board? Any preferences? lol

Let me be here clear it is a very though business to build a company in a financial market like this…but if they would have paid more attention to the stock price beforehand.. then their $ 5.000.000 financing (for whatever reasons -lol) would have never amounted now to a fundamental threat to the share holders… we do not know what is in the contract with them…this is my only hope at this time… but no one here will outrun this potential 30% problem- no one!…just ISD can make itself better understood

…now I hate myself for writing all that nonsense ..since I know that the fan club of wish-full- thinking will tell me…no it is all different… all is well, except of the share price…and tomorrow will come. I hope for you ...that all of you will become millionaires… maybe hope is enough…lol..or better big, big contracts…and new buyers…