Strategic Investor: MICROS SYSTEMS, INC ask for more than 10,000 antennas. In order to respect finance department rules, they pay the supplier only after they received the antennas. That's normal and impossible to change for some large organisations. GraphicMedia doesn't have right now the $5M to give to iSIGN. They already signed a $3M contract with iSIGN last November 2012 an already paid $350K in advance for the first 500 antennas that are shipped and that will be completely installed and functional by the end of February 2013. MICROS SYSTEMS proposed a deal: There is a way to give you the money to order our antennas. iSIGN gives shares and Warrants for antennas and then we have a deal. iSIGN will have recurring revenue for 10,000 antennas or around $10M / year for a 3 to 5 years contract. More orders will probably follow after a few months (from MICROS again or others) and then iSIGN will have the cash flow to support new antennas orders without having to give shares again. MICROS SYSTEMS, INC. - LAS VEGAS SOUTHWEST 4630 S. ARVILLE STREET, SUITE B LAS VEGAS NV 89103 United States of America Tel: (702) 362-5610 MICROS SYSTEMS, INC. - DENVER 6770 W. 52nd Avenue, Suite B ARVADA CO 80002 United States of America Tel: (720) 428-6176 GLTA Read more at