Once these resaurants get used to the extra business iSign brings them as well as the metrics they generate I have no doubt that they will make a deal to take over the licensing fees.
Graphic Media, Inc. is proud to have been the interactive mobile solution provider for the Super Bowl XLVII Hosting Committee in New Orleans.
Graphic Media, Inc., the master distributor of the iSign Smart Antenna an interactive mobile advertising solution that serves advertisers, manufacturers, retailers, and advertising agencies throughout North America, is pleased to announce that they have successfully installed a network of antennas at the Host Committee Media Party event for Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.

Graphic Media, Inc., with Keyser Industries, Graphic's deployment partner, installed the antenna network at Mardi Gras World, site of the Host Committee Media Party for Super Bowl XLVII.

The network provided guests with interactive content on all the events going on at the party including information about 45 New Orleans area restaurants. The content was delivered to the guests via the antennas through both Bluetooth and WiFi platforms directly to the guests' mobile devices such as smart phones and hand held tablets.


iSIGN Media's patent pending Interactive Marketing Solution (IMS) provides businesses with an effective content delivery vehicle combined with real time data capturing to provide the perfect business intelligence tool.iSign's complete IMS offering makes location based interactive proximity advertising to mobile devices measurable, accountable, flexible and affordable.

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