ISD has ongoing trials with National Oil (4,000+ locations and 30%

acceptance rate) and Chinney (Family Mart in China ~5,000 locations), both

of which could turn into full deployments in the next several months. ISD is

in the final stages of finalizing an LOI with Chinney, which could take ISD

into several of China’s largest c-store chains.



We expect the stock to re-rate on the conversion of these trials into full

scale deployments.

Below we outline several customer opportunities that could provide upside to our

forecast below.

Exhibit 3. Large Opportunities Could Begin to Transition from Trials to Deployments in Coming Months

Potential Customer Potential Locations Interest Level of Customer

National Oil 4,000 Marathon and

Phillips 66 gas bars

Preliminary trials and proposed installation into first 200


Chinney Alliance


39,000 location potential

across Family Mart, 7-11,

Lawsons and Circle K

Currently waiting for LOI to advance into a formal

agreement. On September 14


th management met with 7-11,

Family Mart, Lawsons and Circle K in China with Chinney.

Major North American

Gas and Convenience


18,000 Final discussion stage and commencing with proposed

installation of 500 locations in Ontario.

Signage Solutions


20,000+ LOI being completed

$4.3 billion Canadian

printing, publishing and

marketing firm

iSIGN solution approved and is being introduced to their

client base.

Texas banking network 3,000 Currently in discussion stage

Total Pipeline 84,000+