Rudy...I have to agree with Bluesky on this one. Your response while admirable, answers the question why this stock, so far today, has responded very little. Without knowing it you stated....."you have no idea who the strategic partner is"...that is a no no when it comes to markets. Markets like certainty. Regardless of what any one of you say...this is not a done deal according to the wording of yesterdays PR. They are "negotiating". Putting out a release such as this is harmful in my opinion. Why not put out the release  after it is complete or at least agreed to in principal. Anyway, these are my opinions and feel free to debate them or whatever. All debates are healthy. In the meantime I have unloaded one half of my position and am content to wait until this is complete. The next few trading days may prove me wrong and if be it. I don't mind buying back my shares at a higher price once clarity is on board. GL