I am right behind you.  Seems the venture market is punishing ISD for lack of dilution.  The market seems to reward dilution and massive losses on the venture.  I could list a dozen venture stocks with little or no sales that rely on dilution and fantasy and have a market cap well over 50 million.  Go figure.  If you can't beat them join them so they say.   A lot of the posters here that bash other stocks does not help either.   I would feel terrible selling near 5 year lows but soon I must do something.   My extreme deadline for  a major upward movement is the Chunny deal.   We are all conditionned to see ISD go down daily and it is very difficult to stay positive.   My fear is a large seller driving this to a dime and there would still be no buyers.  No one is willing to hit the ask and that is very dangerous situation we are now in.   I am still down 54% and all I would like is a 30% loss.  That would be a major victory for me.