so after this dilution isd will have what? 90 million o/s shares? Then after those warrants Alex will do a 5 million options? Then dilute more by a p.p? So by 2013 we will have an outstanding share count of 200 million? 

Looks like we got ourselves an int-x investment. Next we run out of cash, lose faith in clients/investors and the sp swindles down to int's level then in the end we delist? Why did he wait till close? Was he worried the sp would tank to .16 cents?

has he run out of news?

will next news be 5 million finance to support the investors who are holding on those warrants?

every one laughs at int but seems they follow in the same foot prints.

when I see this kind of nonsense I have a feeling marathon/graphic and chinney don't want any part of isd just the antenna and software. Alex should just sell the company to chinney for 20 million and let them run this company. 

Im livid, so should you!