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iSign Media Solutions Inc V.ISD

Sector: Technology | Sub-Sector: Software - Application
Alternate Symbol(s):  ISDSF | ISIZF

iSign Media Solutions, Inc., offers in-store interactive advertising services. The Company delivers advertisements free of charge to cellular telephones using Bluetooth connectivity.
Price: $0.21 | Change: +$0.01 | %Change: +5.00%
Volume: 52,000 | Day High/Low: 0.21/0.205 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.29/0.075

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Anyone have any idea how many

Inferior Ibeacons are out there already in such a quick period that will probably get removed once Isign wakes up the market! Rob  rate and reply
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RE:rob miller

TTSB,USA at the start would be nice,imagine the count world wide of these potential outlets once word and install and results occur!,Now add in the sales of the "clean big data" IMAGINE! A Miller...read more
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I might have to apply

to Isign to help build all these antenna's so they can keep up!,probably to late I'm thinking some other company might just inhale Isign that has the ability to do just that AT A $1.5BILL PRICE TAG OR...read more
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rob miller

I think u had tomany millers today...americans are to slow and to dumb to see isign advNtage....thats why alex is working on big corporation to use isign tech ad a service to brainwash the soceity...read more
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I think you get my point!

and ALex's mission to impress the shareholders in time!,and why we have such big backers and partners!Even if we only get 5% market share in the USA alone that's just about 40k units if each take just...read more
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Now add Canada

The count is in: Annual restaurant census reports nearly 72,000 restaurants in Canada By Linda Strachan  rate and reply
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RE:Lets just say Isign gets 20% market share in USA alone

Not even including Retail or ATM'sl ie:Walmart,Banks etc. Rob  rate and reply
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Lets just say Isign gets 20% market share in USA alone

that's roughly 157k units if they just take one antenna! Rob  rate and reply
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Thats roughly 785k

antennas in the USA alone LOL! Wake up people! Rob  rate and reply
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c-store count USA only!

U.S. Convenience Store Count Page Content Highlights •The U.S. convenience store count increased to a record of 151,282 stores as of December 31, 2013, a 1.4% increase (2,062 stores) from the year...read more
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In the USA only!

U.S. Restaurant Count Increases to 633,043 as of 2014! Rob  rate and reply
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RE:if you actually sit down and think

Rumncokehead are you done with your jibber ...go pull a william on less lunatic on the bb  rate and reply
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if you actually sit down and think

Were not making ends meet here, so if i was running the show i would close shop, scrap all the units and hardware at the local scrap yard and use the remaining money towards land in 10 buck 2 some...read more
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Imo this play will delist before any data sales are made. Get rid of data its not making money. Stick with reality here like 9 location fried rice and albertas government offices and a couple units in...read more
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Pain ang agony for 4 years, BMD told me to keep holding this dead investment cause it could pay off big and rerate to 3$ just as what mangement suggested could happen IF IF IF they ever monetize the...read more
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financials soon, not good imo

Hopefully financials are late again so i can unload and buy back after released at .075 again. G.l  rate and reply
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what a wasted investment

I dont know how you ppl do it? Are you borderline bankrupt? Hasnt you spouse devorced you because of this disaster? Im curious on how many ppl have had to put themselves on anti depressants because of...read more
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Your knowledge of ISD is significant....How you deal with it and how you share it is pathetic. Anyone reading this board most days and reading your posts would only do one thing....Run for the faking...read more
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RE:RE:RE:Way to go Josip!!

Yes Rob...I saw that after posting and should have responded then with a retraction of sorts. I pretty much agree with where things are headed by the New Year...things are falling into place....The...read more
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No volume because

everyone knows whats coming IMO! Good or bad,We'll either jump or dive,take the risk or bail your choice,I've already added a wack lately I'm very positive on this one! Cheers Rob  rate and reply