I see.. well I have to look deeper into it .. They are not mining Capire at a great rate, so I don't know when they would work thru those high grade areas, and I don't know how much high grade they would add to their resources over the yrs. Doesn't that worry you, that IPT would mine the high grade first, and everyone would get excited? Seems to me your timing is not right .. I could be wrong <wink> .. the stock is already beaten down, new mines coming on line, mining high grade first .. Sure it's tiny, but Impact has always been tiny. .. The one thing that took it down, Chivo,  is being replaced with 2 mines. It will be interesting to watch because  at this stage I think it's risky to bet against it. I can understand selling furiously AFTER a 30 cent rally as the chart indicates has been the standard practice.. but now .. I dunno. Then again, you are convinced they will struggle financially in the near term.