All that sounds rather vague to me .. their EPS last 2 quarters is zero. Their production, which is not huge anyway, took a hit in 2012. Itty-bitty tiny winnie. Resource estimate, 7 million for Capire, and that's it. Their presentation is great I'm told .. sure, they leave out a whole year, which happens to be the most recent one! Nice charts, what happened to 2012? They have something to prove in 2013, but it's not proven. If they can show they are getting those mines online and making money then people will return. Their news flow sucks. I don't know what progress they are making, do you? Oh they drilled a couple holes. Whee. Will these go towards a resource estimate, or just to locate the next place to stick the shovel?

For 2 yrs the stock has trended down, making money primarily for bash and buy shorters and pump and dump pumpers. And these people congregate here to manipulate any suckers. Problem is the average sucker lost money, is gone, and is not listening. Ok that's my last rant ... have fun ..