IMO, the INDY Event in China is excellent news for Ortsbo again.

IMO, INT MUST show the Quarter's Revenues, before the SP is going anywhere fast.  Everything else at this point in
the INT SAGA, is just fluff.

Threatening a Spin-off, is not a Spin-off.  INT has too much bad Venture trading history to attract money now without
a significant increase in revenues AGAIN this last quarter.  They don't have to be profitable yet IMO, but revenues must keep pace with all the cash burn they have created by growing the divisions and improving the quality of the
board members.

IMO, many longs such as myself expect INT to know the market only respects $$$$ right now in INT's case.  Groupon's IPO was a positive message on an American exchange.  INT is still stuck on the Venture for now.
The SP speaks for itself.  MM's can only have their way with it so much.  At the end of the day, because of the
events globally, investors need to see profitability is achievable, before a competitor could appear and turn
Ortsbo into a dinosaur.  I don't think this will happen, but this is a tech stock, after all.

Down the current path, I see the proposed new stock option (incentives) plan, as INT sadly using loose Venture rules to grant themselves options at depressed prices, at the expense of Venture retail investors.  They had better continue to show honorabiltly, disclose revenues and have the market respond with a SP of at least $1, before
granting themselves more options.  IMO it would be unethical to grant options significantly lower than the last PP
price of $1.20.

I'm trying not to sound worked up over nothing, but clearly the reason for the early AGM is the option plan.  If INT
thinks they can bury stuff by a flurry of news releases, they are sadly mistaken, as there are sharper pencils than
myself posting on Stockhouse.  I respect their right and wish to restructure the plan given all the changes and growth, but they work for us technically and IMO need to earn profits by growing the SP from here significantly first.

IMO, this might have been the reason for the plea, from INT, to have investors be counted by showing up for the AGM or submitting their proxies.  They want as many votes in their favor, as is practicle to declare things honest.

Time will tell.       GLTA
their proxies.