RS--That's pretty depressing re the Lionbridge app. I wish I knew about that before. Good DD.

I always hated the name 'Ortsbo' as it doesnt roll off the tongue like Ren Ren or even Yappn. What the H happened to the metrics. Last we heard was over 212 million users/month and a couple of days ago a poster pointed out that we have only 10 thousand users. What the? 

I bought in at .59 and I really need the $ back. 

What happened re Lexiphone, and all the other stuff they invested in? I think if they had younger people who have their antennae sharper we might have had something. 

Twice I wrote to INT and suggested a hub like facebook where people could post pics and profiles from any country -- thought that may take off but the best they can do is Yappn. Got my doubts but it's our only chance as I see it now. 

First stock I ever lost on and lost BIG and I'm retired with nothing but oas and cpp. and made a hail mary bet on this stock. 

Have fun bashers laughing at me --who cares now. 

All in my opinion