Ortsbo wants to be on the NASDAQ. They also have patents pending. Their Ortsbo product uses a translation service like Google Translate and modify the results. That's the very basic premise. There are all sorts of applications such as tranlsating social media messages on the fly and providing translation for call service centers or large companies who deal with customers from all over he world. Ortsbo can create custom plug-ins for each application... basically the same program with tweaks. Sounds good?


So why don't they have call centers and big business knocking down the doors right now? What's missing? It's not for lack of trying apparently. Well, here's a clue. If you want to see who is already doing this, you just have to Google it. That's right! Since about 2000 AD, you can search "NASDAQ" and "Language" and you get "hits". (sorry about that. sarcasm keep trying to get attention)


So here's dome DD that you can follow up on for more detail.



On the NASDAQ? Check!

Already patented? Check! 

Modified language translation via a service like Google?  Check!  (uses Microsoft) 

Plug-in's for all major software currently used in customer interactions for big business and governments? Check!

Services: Full service, 5000 employees. (100,000 independant translators) + modified machine translation like Ortsbo.

Languages translated: 350


Revenues: Close to $447 million in 2012, up 7% Y-Y

Incorporated: 1996


PAT. NO.   Title
1 8,374,843 Full-Text Methods and systems for local, computer-aided translation incorporating translator revisions to remotely-generated translation predictions
2 8,335,679 Full-Text Methods and systems for local, computer-aided translation incorporating translator revisions to remotely-generated translation predictions
3 8,046,233 Full-Text Methods and systems for local, computer-aided translation using remotely-generated translation predictions
4 6,345,244 Full-Text System, method, and product for dynamically aligning translations in a translation-memory system
5 6,345,243 Full-Text System, method, and product for dynamically propagating translations in a translation-memory system

Other info:

About Lionbridge

Lionbridge is a leading provider of globalization solutions. We provide translation, online marketing, global content management and application testing solutions that ensure local relevancy, global brand consistency and technical usability. Using our global program management expertise, innovative cloud technology platforms and our global crowd of more than 100,000 independent professionals, we enable hundreds of world-leading brands to increase international market share, speed adoption of products and effectively engage their customers in local markets worldwide.

Lionbridge has three operating segments:

Global Language and Content (“GLC”): Through its GLC solutions, Lionbridge translates, localizes and adapts clients’ content and products to meet the language, cultural, technical and industry-specific requirements of users in local markets throughout the world. As part of its GLC solutions, Lionbridge also provides global marketing services and creates and translates technical documentation for clients who market to and support customers in global markets. Lionbridge GLC solutions utilize the Company’s cloud-based technology platforms and applications, and its global service delivery model, which make the translation, localization and content management processes more efficient for Lionbridge and its clients.

Global Development and Testing (“GDT”): Through its GDT solutions, Lionbridge tests software and online search results to help clients deliver high-quality, relevant applications in global markets. The Company’s GDT solutions ensure the quality, usability, relevance and performance of clients’ software, search engines, technology products, web applications, and content globally. As part of its GDT offering, Lionbridge also provides specialized enterprise crowdsourcing services including search relevance testing, in-country testing for mobile devices, and data management solutions.

Interpretation: Lionbridge offers telephonic, onsite and simultaneous interpretation services in over 360 languages to federal, state and local government agencies, businesses and healthcare organizations that require experienced linguists to facilitate communication. Through its network of qualified interpreters, Lionbridge identifies and deploys interpreters with the required combination of language skills, subject matter expertise and professional interpretation experience.

Lionbridge provides a full suite of globalization solutions to businesses in diverse end markets including technology, internet and media, manufacturing, mobile and telecommunications, life sciences, government, automotive, aerospace and retail. Lionbridge believes its services enable clients to gain market share, build loyalty and speed adoption of products and content in their international markets.


Lionbridge provides the following benefits to clients:

Global Scale.     With approximately 5,000 full-time equivalent employees worldwide, Lionbridge operates solution centers in 26 countries. Lionbridge utilizes its proven program management capabilities, its cloud-based technology platforms and its global crowd of qualified professionals to provide its clients with the optimal combination of technical, linguistic, cultural and industry-specific expertise. Lionbridge’s global infrastructure enables us to deliver high-value, cost-effective services and to meet its clients’ technical, linguistic, vertical market and geographic requirements.

In-Country Knowledge and Expertise      Lionbridge service offerings are based on the Company’s ability to combine its own network of program and project managers, technical experts and delivery personnel around the world with an external network of pre-qualified, in-country independent professionals. Our network of professionals include more than 100,000 independent translators, interpreters, subject-matter experts, testers and data management specialists in more than 100 countries. This comprehensive crowd of professionals allows us to provide our clients with the in-country, local market knowledge and global expertise in technology, language and marketing. As a result, our clients can efficiently deliver products and online content that are technically, linguistically and culturally relevant for their target buyers in local markets worldwide.

Cloud-based Technologies.     Lionbridge solutions include technologies designed to make translation, online marketing, testing and crowdsourcing processes more efficient, productive and consistent. Lionbridge’s translation solutions are provided using Translation Workspace™, a cloud-based, multi-tenant translation memory application that simplifies translation processes and allows for automated, in context, use of previously translated words, phrases and glossaries. Translation Workspace is also offered commercially to independent translators and to enterprises. Lionbridge also offers GeoFluent™, a customizable, automated translation technology that translates online chat, enterprise community user forums and other user generated content in real-time. Lionbridge’s enterprise crowdsourcing practice uses a cloud-based task management platform that manages the workflows of private crowd professionals. In addition to its own technologies, Lionbridge services integrate third-party marketing applications such as search engine optimization (“SEO”) management, video translation, web content management, web analytics and proxy-based translation. Lionbridge believes its clients can use its comprehensive suite of technology-enabled solutions to improve their translation processes, increase the effectiveness of global online marketing programs, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Integrated Full-Service Offering.     Lionbridge serves as its clients’ outsource provider for developing, testing, translating, and managing multilingual content and technology across global end markets. Clients can utilize our comprehensive solutions to develop, optimize, release and maintain their global content and technology applications for their customers, prospects, partners and employees throughout the world. By outsourcing to a large-scale provider such as Lionbridge, organizations are able to focus on their core competencies and speed the process of communicating large amounts of information to customers, prospects and employees worldwide.

Lionbridge was incorporated in Delaware in September 1996. Our principal executive offices are located at 1050 Winter Street, Waltham, Massachusetts 02451, our telephone number is (781) 434-6000, and our Web site is www.lionbridge.com . We make available, free of charge, on our Web site its annual report on Form 10-K, quarterly reports on Form 10-Q, current reports on Form 8-K, as well as other reports it files with the SEC and amendments to those reports as soon as reasonably practicable after the reports are electronically filed with or furnished to the SEC pursuant to Section 13(a) or 15(d) of the Exchange Act. Lionbridge’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission are also available on the Web at www.sec.gov .