Ever play hot potato? It's a game that we used to play 30 years BC (before computers). The idea was to toss a ball or any small object back and forth between players as if it was a potato. Someone not looking at the process would yell "hot" at random and the person holding the "potato" would be eliminated. (.45 between the eyes)

If "hot" was called while the object was still in the air, you could avoid elimination by not catching the ball. Ah, those were the days... 


... which brings me to the poynt. What makes Poynt a hot potato? Why is it that shareholders are kept in the dark about what is really happening as long as possible while sustaining them on bits of fluff? Look back at all the hype surrounding Poynt BEFORE long before it's demise. What was missing? How often does this happen on the OTC or the venture exchange? Is it an exception?