I agree with Lockheed when it comes to new investors looking in on this board and watching what is taking place each day. Of course everyone is blaming DL for the state of this company and their current investment. This is natural and part of being human. When it comes to sites like YAPPN you need to look outside the box and not crucify it because it's INT's latest venture. Read what is happening with social media and why! For example why did Yahoo buy TUMBLR for 1.1Billion dollars? Is it possible that YAPPN could become the next target for a takeover!! Who knows.

A survey of American internet users found that Tumblr was the most popular site among those aged 13-25. This seems to stem from its embrace of sharing, combined with its social looseness: unlike on Facebook, real names aren't required (only an e-mail address), and users can present different personalities to the world through different blogs. Tumblr is, in a way, the anti-Facebook—a social network where you do not have to be friends with your mother.