all the loser bashers are here maintaining their employment.  I am really shocked to see all the pertinent information they bring (sarcasm).  It's really clear they are only here to warn others and their constant downgrading of any positive post and immediate attack of anyone or any positive post is just their way of showing concern (sarcasm)


It's also nice to see that the same group of bashers (plus the odd unique alias that somehow knows all about INT and is brutally negative) are so dedicated to investors well being that they would spend everyday, every weekend, every holiday 24/7 bashing (oops I mean educating) the unawares investor community.  What dedication, what nobility, what a character revealer (sarcasm except the last point about character) .


Ok all games aside is their ANYBODY left on the long side of the equation that does not understand the planned and sustained basher attack that is occuring on the INT Stockhouse Bullboard?  Does ANYBODY see their actions as NORMAL trading activity?  ANYBODY?  For any long who wants to have a constructive conversation please go to the private board and discuss and leave the parasites to discuss amongst themselves.  There is nothing worth anything to see here.