On Vaca, enjoying myself. Nice work Ace; whatever the reasons for you're being the way you are, I thank my lucky stars that I'm not you. 

Wonder who these investors are you refer to? Seems like the only disgruntled ones here aren't investors. I am, to be sure. But disgrnutled? Nah. What for? I've been quite happily accumulating. Difference between you and me - one among many - is that should I lose all the money I've invested in INT, well, so be it, though I think that unlikely. On the contrary, I think I stand to gain quite a bit, though this takes time. Time I have. You, on the other hand, whine and complain about everything. And that's about all the time I have for you... back to enjoying myself. After you read this, you can go back to whatever it is that you are doing with your life.