I stop by here now every 2-3 weeks or so to check and see if there's anything relevant to INT to read and I still see gilver at it with his cyberspace girlfriend. I must admit this seems very bizarre!  


This boring nonsense really doesn't matter to me, because I rarely read it, but gilver, you did say that ur a "real" INT shareholder, when we all met you.


Well, after reading some of your long essays tonight, and re-inactments of that June meeting over and over, I'm now convinced that ur either paid to create useless banter with this scumbag basher or u've lost it completely, and are starved for attention from ANYONE, and need to get some serious help!!


By the way for what it's worth, the overweight, middle aged, chain smoking lady that we met back at that June 2012 meeting who told us her SH handle was "iceangel' and supposedly her "real name" was Sue had bleach blond hair, not wavy black, as you suggested or recalled.


It was the other, rather suspiciously quiet, slender lady that had long back hair. Gilver, you're very naive to think that this "iceangle" basher you keep referring to repeatedly, in all your posts, is the same lady from that meeting. 


This basher even has your description wrong, so they're someone else, that's continually pulling your wire. They own ya and you let them, therefore, something is very wrong with this picture!! 


This INT investment has a way of really trying your patience, doesn't it?..Have fun board trolls ~ G'nite!