tdotboy: You seem to pre-occupied with homosexual activities.  You are obviously gay....not that there is anything wrong with that.  You are entitled to live the "chilling" lifestyle that makes you happy.  Who am I to be critical if you are happy? (I never heard it called "chilling" before but I assume that's a gay code word)

You are just angry because you realize that I am right that YAPPN

YAPPN is where it's at.  INT is so yesterday it's practically last week's old news.  YAPPN is so tomorrow..the future...on the leading edge of the Social Media tidal wave.  YAPPN is like a surfer riding the wave.  INT is like a rudderless ship grounded on the beach like a bloated whale.


Stop being a loser and look at YAPPN where the winners are starting to gather in droves.