Well what can you say about a 5 cent increase in share price in 2 days on strong volume? Only that finally we have some positive exhuberance and quick profits which has sorely been missed for quite some time in this play

I myself got in a little late on this run for my daytrading shares, as just got in a 9 cents this morning. Chose to liquidate some of the shares for some quick profits at 11 cents, and holding the rest just in case the run continues the rest of this week, and going forward.

But still skeptical if the company can pull everything off with the spinoff. Still have not heard about revenues, and more options and dilution are still too come, so open eyed cautiousness is the best way to view this run going forward.

If the trading volume can continue strong to move through those artificial walls, i am sure daytraders like myself will continue to be here in full force to move the price up on anticipation of something subtantial going into the special meeting. But would only be prudent to keep stops in place just in case it turns negative again like previuos runs.

Either way, enjoy the run guys, and congrats to all those that got in cheap under 10 cents, and are basking in their profits!