T2H, you are a piece of work. How do you find the time to put together your works of fiction. POSITIVE posters must be connected to Public Relations. So then I am to assume that negative posters such as yourself and the rest of your gang are what? STOCK MARKET CRIMINALS is a nice term that is used quite often. Positive posters do not come off as blatant pumpers, our purpose is to defend our investment on a board from people such as yourself. I have posted both negative and positive remarks about INT and have never asked anyone to buy a single share. Now can you say the same. Take your time and go into my archives and see if I have told people to LOAD up the truck or used $$$$$ etc. You hate our type on this board because it makes your job and that of your team (oh is Biren also you) because you post the same and when one is around the other is not, a lot harder.  HEH T2H care to agree not to post for 4 weeks or you can pick the number. PUT up or back off. The board can do without my posting and surely yours for at least 4 weeks. What say you!