Gonebroke, I have also stated that I am in the red like most Long investors. We all were hoping for something concrete by now and not just another Global event, that we did not even get any news on how the bloody thing turned out. The Crede deals are just to keep a pay check going and we all know that. Still venting your frustration each day only serves to assist the bashers. I still believe there are things in the works that have not been released yet and it has to be that way when competition is watching every move you make. Who on this board (bashers are exempt) can honestly say that Facebook is not watching YAPPN or could not care less about this new media network. Facebook is losing people, not gaining. The more it becomes a money making site the less people will support it. This is not just my opinion, do some research on it. Gamification is huge and not slowing down, why do you think everyone is trying for a piece of the pie in that market. The recent partnership with DDM just might be the open door we need right now. Anyway if INT was finished, this board would be a ghost town for posters, not bashed by the pro's day and night. Good Luck.