Herman, like most investors I am also frustrated by lack of revenue and talks of an IPO in the future. However I refuse to become a loyal basher of this stock nor have I ever been a pumper trying spin straw into gold. There is something behind ORTSBO and the entire INT company that is real and may soon become known despite the Q2's. Why for example is ORTSBO not listed in the ten top translation software's on the market? I have friends in Russia and China to name a couple that I have tested free downloads with and they are flawed in many ways. This was just my own DD trying to protect my investment. So in a simple e-mail text translation I looked for something important to translate like: We need to realign our financial position before committing to an investment. Ortsbo was the only one to get it right to the degree you as a CEO would accept. So again I ask why they are not listed in the top ten. Who is behind the ones that are on the top ten? Google it and find out where the company is located and some of their partners!! A venture Canadian Company fighting some established big boy's is not easy but it can be successful. Bottom line is can we make it and do we have the cash and talent to see it through. This is what my money is on and I want to see some walls crumble.