Obviously you are willing to lose it all on this one. This is now down to a hope and a prayer. 

These guys can't even get anything moving with ortsbo (nice $25000000 buy). So now it's on to yappin. And then bankruptcy court. If they can't pay the debenture interest the lights go off. Period. 

Say what you want about me. But you defending this company with no facts is a jjokes how us 1 thing that int has do e to increase shareholder value. 

Was it dilluting from 30 million to 360 million shares?

was it "investing" millions in supporting ortsbo user numbers?

was it 2 years spent trying to spin out ortsbo?

was it loaning poynt 1.5 million and then having to buy it because they went broke?

was it paying the CEO a million a year with no revenue?

Do you have ANYTHING that shows an increase in shareholder value?

and where did the users go. Anyone?