Ya. Good old sino. I made a fortune on that. Why not post my reply to you about my huge win in sino forest. While you sat here and got a nice huge loss. Apparently, I got sucked by all the press on int. the difference is I got out and made a great play on sino and made a ton. 

Woe is me for being able to admit how much I lost while you sit here and try to stick up for a CEO that has done the exact same rinse and repeat on more than one occasion. How does it happen that valunet did the big run to 3.00 and tanked. Just like int. 

you can bring up all my statements supporting int. maybe some investors will get the hint that this play is going in the toilet when someone who defended the company like I did sold and got out with some capital. I turned what was left into a small fortune. You held and will lose it all. 

8 days to itibiti debenture due date