Here you go hopeandprayer


Man reel, you are seriously angry. Why?



I was down 80 grand and bought more @ 1.17.  Bashers, you can go to HEL& and back before you get my shares.

To all the newbs.  This going to 5 - 10.00.  Stop watching.  Stop playing for nickels and dimes.

You will make more than you ever thought you could by holding.

Im even now.  I am buying an island ;)

I am a long INT investor.  I sold 1/2 my position monday for .68 after losing over 60 grand.  I bought TRE around 4.  It looks like its making a HUGE run, after the Carson Block report is winding up to be a load of bull.

Not encouraging people to sell INT, but if you have some spare powder, it looks like sino forest is going to get lit up big time.