"My husband put all his money in this"

"is this a real company"

uh oh. I love how the guy from sprout pretends he doesn't know where it topped out. He looked ashamed to have recommended it. Now he says he does t know what the future holds. It's pretty obvious. All the properties are being spun out or acquired  (poynt) and put into private holding companies, or int holds 50% or less. Hmmm. Why would these not be acquired and put into the "incubator" so they can incubate (posterbate?) them?  Because they are running out of money, and are down to 8 days to get this itibiti deal done or lights out. 

PI can't believe they haven't been sued by more than one party yet. 

The fact they they were spending 500k a month to " maintain" the user numbers, and that only came out in a short statement at the AGM doesn't really seem right, does it?  By looking at Alexa, it seems pretty clear IMHO that they were using "unique users" as a way to get around having registered users, like Facebook and every other Internet company. This has always been about half facts and fluff and pumping. Every press release is devoid of relevant facts, Always "intent", no revenue and no real basis in fact. 

The market is growing weary of the endless "hope so and maybe" actions of management. You longs should be calling for lucatchs head on a platter, not defending him and his incompetence. He blew 60 million dollars on nothing, and all the investments are a joke. They sold off the only decent potential money maker in itibiti because they used up 5 years of money in a year, "maintaining user numbers" and incubating properties. To be a technology incubator, you need google money. You can't do anything spreading 50 million around like its actually your money. That's where lucatch has it wrong. He treated those tens of millions like his own private stash and dumped it everywhere. No focus, and no control in any of the businesses he "invested" in. The only reason they didn't buy more lexiphone is because he blew the money on stupid investments, and the share price tanked. And it's still tanking. The last run to .20 was obviously to close the debenture. You guys complain about the MM "controlling" the share price?  They controlled it on a run to .20, and dumped it back to .125. Funny, that's the debenture money. Fleece the sheep, double our money, and then dump some back I got eh debenture. They got it for free because you helped pay for it. Again. 

Id be very interested in knowing WHO bought the debentures. Wonder if lucatch bought some?  He sold a lot of shares down to that price. 

Any of you care about your money, or are still really convinced that lucatch is actually the man for the job of turning your life savings into a gain?  You've been fleeced, and the only ones who made any money on this is management and the guys who ran it to 3.00 and shorted it. 




Of course, all IMHO. 

And let's not even keep laughing about the us spinout of ortsbo. Lucatch missed the boat on this long ago. Once Facebook didn't pick this up, it was done.