With all the SPAM & useless chatter we have had to endured over the past few weeks , Lets hope that this will be the week that inspires a positive dialogue and helpful information on how to proceed after the spin-off . I feel a lot of INT investors have a number in mind , at which time they may sell . It will be interesting to see the struggle , (  to let go ) as the wind hits the sails . We need a dialogue that will keep things in perspective , we have listened and speculated about the future of INT , with MAJOR SIGNINGS and BIG DEALS yet to come , we will have our answers soon enough. Lets make a fresh start and use the ENERGY to aide one another in going forward , no more useless chatter to the MOTIVATED , be active on the IGNORE BUTTON and remember the BANKS, JITNEYS & STOCKHOUSE for their part in making life miserable .