And if you listen closely you can hear the sweet sounds of "Maybe Tomorrow" by the Stereophonics playing in the background as SS types another hopeful screed. Fact is he did get it partially right. The baggies are suckers. In a lollipop world. I find it fascinating how the pumpies are so drawn in by phrases like "global brands". It's no secret people like brands. People will pay for brands. And some pine for the brand association so much they are drawn in without even know what brand is on the other side of the glass. Or if in fact there is one there at all.


I am fascinated by the statement "revenue models being implemented will be much more lucrative than most other social media giants (mostly dependant on ad revenue).". First INT is a giant? A giant user of investor cash? Sure. And then "others" are dependent on ad revenue. Which is like saying, those networks on televsion are soooooo dependent on advertising. LOL. Social media is televion for the 20th century you doofus. It is the one way all these social media platforms can earn cash, with the exception of some like LinkedIn. And it's why the ortsy number have fallen off the cliff and why they said time to find a new way to monetize this. Because theyt had no way to make ortsy work. And let's wait and see what a corporate customer will pay for translation if they ever announce a deal. I think you are going to be surprised at how low the number will be. Some people think the deals will be in the millions. Maybe if you add 10 or 20 of them together.