You are one picky, ornary dude, man.  Two grains of salt too much and you probably have hissy fits.

The financial statements that are quarterly reflect the previous three months for the date the company's books are based on.  So if a quarterly statement comes out in one month, it is for the 3 previous months for the date that it represents.  Therefore, whatever revenue has been happening a few months ago up to and including anything unreported now, gets recorded as to the official financial date.  So, we have to wait for the near future to see what revenue has incurred for the present a past time between the previous financial quarterly statement and the one that is about to become due.  That cannot be so difficult to understand, can it?


Also, why can you not believe that when Patrick says that revenue for any contract will be shown in the upcoming quarterly financial statements.  When a quarterly financial statement is complete, it is actually a historical record of the past 3 months.  So, Patrick is confident enough to say that the market will see numbers from deals that are already bringing in revenue.  You are right, I have no idea what Patrick knows, but I know that he knows in order for him to put out an NR in the way he did.    In time, I feel that what will be revealed could possibly blow you away and prove how wrong your thinking is.  You may think you are right for the past two years, but trends can be broken.  You are not open to that because you probably do not do far enough DD on where the company is putting their resources to work to bring the eventual results.  Your hindsight prejudges the future.  In order for you to be right all the time, then the company would have to be wrong all of the time.  Matt Vegh is a person of respect and vision.  Is he so wrong while you think you are so right?  Our difference of opinion is what makes a market and my bet is that you will be mostly wrong in the future.  You do not seem to understand the struggles and risks that Venture companies bring to the table, and maybe you are closed-minded to any real rewards.  We do not have to agree, Tgarfield, in any tense (past, present or future).