"Stay stuck in the past Teflon2Hype if you will"


A man who does not learn from the past is destined to repeat it. Judges and business people  always reference the past because it is how you establish credibility. I know you would like to forget it because every thing they have said ends up not bearing fruit. They say something vague, you fill it in and pump it up and then when time rolls on and it is shown to be worthless (Time and time again), then you say forget about it because it is in the past. Nice little no accountability pumper system you have there....but I guess to be a true pumper you have to constantly forget about everything they, and yourself, have said.


Point is Gilver, between Sept 30 2011 and Sept. 30 2012 this board was bombarded with PR's about rapidly increasing Unique Users, revamped software, partnerships, contracts, alliances, software releases, rollouts and acquisitions. All of this great news that you pumpers tried to seduce people with for a year ended up amounting to the miniscule revenues of $ 196,000 actually shrinking to $141,000. That is the real value of these ambiguous fluffy press releases, and I am quite sure you would like people to forget all about that.


Now I bet you are going to say that things have changed. These so called mystery contracts are for how much, roughly?..and what duration and what are the details?...Oh right , it is a big secret so we will just have to have the pumpers on a message board fill in all the details for us....Yes, so much has changed...Those that do not learn from the past. Tell you what Gilver, notify me when they start putting out definitive press releases that actually make legally binding material statements and on that day I will agree that things are changing. Until then it is just some people padding their wealth at the expense of other peoples ignorance, laziness, foolishness and greed.